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Learn How to SEO Your Photography Business Website with Squarespace.


Learn the most important steps to naming, tagging, and sharing your photos for SEO.


Optimize your pages and blog posts for search engines so people can easily find your work online.


Don't miss those tricky tags that lie behind the scenes of your site and learn to check your rankings. 


Running a Creative Business is Hard,
Your Website Doesn't Have to Be...

You have so many things to worry about on a day to day basis between client support, booking, editing, and balancing your family life.  Join Photography Squares in learning to effortlessly manage your website without pulling your hair out.


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Hey I'm Galen! I'm a photographer and web designer with a passion for simplicity.

Whether you're struggling with design, SEO, or getting your website to bring in new business, I'm here to help.

Let's dive into some Squarespace SEO hacks together!

What You'll Learn.

There's a lot of value packed into this course but here are just a few things you'll learn...

  • The BIGGEST mistake photographers make when writing blog posts that ruin their SEO.
  • How to track your SEO rankings and learn from your top performing content with tools like Google Analytics. 
  • How to research and strategically implement keyword themes for each of your pages and posts.
  • How to optimize older content on your site and find out why it's not getting the traffic it should be.

Don't forget there's always the opportunity to ask questions if you feel stuck or need answers specific to your business.


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Why Should I Care About SEO?

SEO is a long term strategy. The changes you make today will bring you ongoing clients.  While you are busy running your business, SEO will be working for you in the background... even while you sleep!  

Unlike social media, the content you create has the potential to be found and enjoyed for years to come. 


Why Squarespace?

I struggled with Squarespace when I first started and it took a lot of getting used to after working with Wordpress for years. Now I wouldn't go back!

Photographers seem to make the same mistakes over and over when it comes to optimizing photos for search engines, attracting new clients, and publishing blog posts.

Squarespace makes SEO so easy and effective once you understand how it all works. 

The simple platform and modern design makes learning fun! We'll walk you through each process step by step and offer personalized support so you won't get left behind.

Is this for me?

Some people want to take a hands-off approach and hire a professional to outsource all of their website needs. That's fine but this course isn't for those people.

This course is only for you if you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty and want the satisfaction of knowing you did things yourself. That means YOU can make changes whenever you feel like it because YOU'RE in control! 

Get all of your questions answered with step by step instruction that walks you through exactly how to optimize your website to make it easier for all of your amazing work to be found by potential clients online. 

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What Students Are Saying...

"This course is filled with
absolute GOLD!

The information I've been absorbing from the modules is blowing my mind. I've been taking my time going through each step as I like to go back through and immediately implement changes to my site as I learn them.

So, it's taking me some time but you really do well at breaking things down into actionable steps. Thank you for putting all this information together!"

- Ashley (Ashley Burnside Photography)


"I've had three Google inquiries in the last two weeks!

Before taking this course, I was really hesitant because I felt like I could find a lot of SEO advice online on my own. I spent hours searching websites, making lists, and trying to organize it all myself without any consistent gains.

I quickly realized there was a lot of contradictory approaches and I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere. Galen's course follows an easy outline that helped me to feel accomplished as I completed each section.  If you're hesitating, sign up - you won't regret this course. I wish I had taken it sooner!"

- Cathie (Emerald Eye Photo)


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The Lessons

1) What is SEO? 
Analyze your own rankings.

2) Design for SEO
Choosing the right template.

3) Keyword Research.
Attracting the right audience.

4) Page Checklist.
Everything before you hit publish. 

5) Blogging for SEO.
Content mistakes you're making.  

6) Image Tagging
Must-know image ranking tips.

7) Tracking & Analytics
Measure your SEO success.

8) Link Building & Bonuses
Off-site SEO & other bonuses


This course covers all the mistakes you didn't even know you were making...


Content is delivered in a series of high-quality videos and written content just like the video example here...  

Everything is broken down step-by-step so that it's easy to follow along. I'll teach you everything you need to know without all the fluff. Your time is valuable so we won't waste a minute. 



Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

We take your learning very seriously. It's my personal goal to make the process fun, easy, and crystal clear by breaking things down into super simple steps that are quick to implement even with a busy schedule. If you don't absolutely LOVE this course within 30 days, we'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Ready to step up your website game?


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Have a question? Email me at galen@photographysquares.com