Learn how to build a website for your photography business with Squarespace.


Learn the basics of building a beautiful Squarespace site for your photography business.


Optimize your site's pages, blog posts and photos for search so people can find your work.


Build and grow your email list with Squarespace to create relationships with potential clients. 


Running a creative business is hard, building a website doesn't have to be...

You have so many things to worry about on a day to day basis between client support, booking, editing, and balancing your family life. Become a member of the Photography Squares course so you can build a website you LOVE without pulling your hair out. 


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Hey I'm Galen! I'm a photographer and web designer with a passion for simplicity.

Whether you're struggling with design, SEO, or getting your website to bring in new business, I'm here to help.

How it Works

Some people want to take a hands-off approach and hire a professional to outsource all of their website needs. That's fine but this course isn't for those people.

This course is only for you if you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty and want the satisfaction of knowing you did things yourself. That means YOU can make changes whenever you feel like it because YOU'RE in control! 

Get all of your questions answered with step by step instruction that walks you through exactly how to build and optimize the website you've always dreamed of to show off your amazing work. 

Why Squarespace?

I struggled with Squarespace when I first started and it took a lot of getting used to after working with Wordpress for years. Now I wouldn't go back!

Photographers seem to make the same mistakes over and over when it comes to optimizing photos for search engines, attracting new clients, and publishing blog posts.

Squarespace makes this so easy and effective once you understand how it all works. 

The simple platform and modern design makes learning fun! We'll walk you through each process step by step and offer personalized support so you won't get left behind.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

We take your learning very seriously. It's my personal goal to make the process fun, easy, and crystal clear by breaking things down into super simple steps that are quick to implement even with a busy schedule. 

Ready to step up your website game?


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