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Personalized SEO Consulting

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If you're ready to attract more of the clients you LOVE working with then SEO is something you can't ignore for your photography business.

Potential clients are searching every single day for a photographer just like you and maybe you're hidden somewhere on page 6. 

Or maybe you're rankings took a sudden drop and you have no idea why. Let's change that!

I get it though, sometimes there isn't enough time in the day to get everything done. You're here because you'd like some support. 


Here is how I help my clients crush their SEO goals... 


First, I go through every detail of your website in an in-depth SEO review. I find opportunities for improvement, identify any crawling errors (i.e. any pages blocking the google bots), and put together a page-by-page strategy for you to follow based on your unique target client and your specific location. 

You'll get a comprehensive SEO plan laid out for you in a detailed downloadable PDF. Everything you need to change will be copy & paste with the information I provide and I'll walk you through exactly how to make those changes. 

We'll setup a 1 hour call to go through all the proposed changes and answer any specific questions you have about your website and the customized strategy I've presented. We'll then schedule a 30 minute check in call within the next month to check your progress and answer any follow up questions. 

TIMEFRAME: Approx. 30-45 days.  
COST: $850 one time payment. 


Once you have gone through the initial in-depth analysis, it's time to track results and keep an eye on your rankings for any sudden changes or complications. You'll get a detailed monthly report that tracks your organic page rankings and the most important keywords for your business in your local area.  You'll also have access to email support so you're completely covered in case any questions or issues come up.

This is a stress-free option that provides you peace of mind as you update your site and work on other parts of your business without worrying about SEO. 

COST: $297/month ongoing (3 month minimum - cancel anytime after)

Ready to get started?