4 Must-Have SEO Keywords for Wedding Photographers

4 Must-Have SEO Keywords for Wedding Photographers. Read more at photographysquares.com

When you’re optimizing your photography business website, it’s important to understand keywords and how choosing the right keywords can lead potential clients directly to you.

While keyword research is super important to your overall SEO strategy (check out the google keyword planner), here are some keyword ideas to get you started.

1) Your photography business name

This may seem obvious, but if you’re a new business (or your website is new), you may not be ranking for your brand name in Google.

This is so important to your word-of-mouth strategy. When someone recommends your business to a friend, they will likely turn to Google and try to find your website online.

This is where you absolutely NEED to be showing up. You probably already are, but this is the time to double check. 

Your brand name tends to be less competitive than other, more general, keywords but you you still want to make sure to include your brand name in your meta name so that it’s easily recognizable in search results.

2) The type of photography you do.  

You absolutely need to include the type of photography you do. If you shoot weddings or engagements, add this to your meta title, your meta description, and your page content (specifically headers). 

This not only helps potential clients figure out if you're the right person to be working with, it also shows that you are have focus in your business. Clients like to know that you are really good at one or two things instead of okay at 5 or 10 different types of photography. 

3) Your location

This is one SEO mistake you don’t want to be making. Try to focus on one general area or location to start with and include that in your meta title and page headers. Include other areas like neighborhoods, suburbs, or nearby cities as bonus locations in your meta description and in your page content.

I typically like to say something like… “Serving x city, y town, z town, and the greater New England area” if that applies to your business.

4) What makes you unique

Think about what makes you different from other photographers in your area. Is your style classic, modern, or bohemian? How would you describe your work? Include these keywords throughout your content. This will help your ideal clients find you. It will also help to set you apart from the competition which is so important when the market is saturated. 

Where do all the keywords go and how do you optimize the rest of your website? Sign up for our free video lessons below.